More About Us

Our History

MDBL was established in 1952. We entered into partnership and commenced business in Mombasa as builders. Our activities started on a minor scale with renovations to residential buildings and construction of simple residences, go-downs and offices.

In the early years of the seventies our enterprise flourished and achieved a considerable growth leading to incorporation as MULJI DEVRAJ & BROTHERS LIMITED IN 1974. During the succeeding years MDBL continued to expand and has undertaken many prestigious projects such as hotels, factories, industrial buildings, high-rise office buildings, residential buildings and building government institutions. We have also developed an expertise in successfully blending modern technology and traditional skills to ensure that efficiency and quality trademarks of the company.

MDBL expanded to include modern workshops for steel fabricators, joinery manufacture and the manufacture of pre-cast concrete products with skilled and competent personnel.

Mdbl’s requirement of plant, machinery and transport have grown with the company’s expansion to include light & heavy equipment for both building and civil works with motor and mechanical workshop capable of most repairs and maintenance.

Every project receives careful consideration, from the tender stage to completion, with the management team meeting regularly to plan and evaluate the progress and to provide technical and organizational advice to all the trade disciplines and the subcontractors.

We are proud of our reputation for efficiency, conformity to specifications and timely completion of projects including several major projects within stipulated time.

Wherever we work and whatever the nature of the project, our name MULJI DEVRAJ & BROTHERS LIMITED will continue to stand for quality, reliability and craftsmanship.